PRIMA Center

Centralized Management Solution for IP-based Devices 

  • Software management solution for tens or hundreds of IP devices
  • Support of all PRIMA and K5PRIMA IP KVM switch families
  • Support of PROKLE IP KVM extender and power controller
  • Allows for comfortable management of large number of devices with centralized log and commands
  • Detection and configuration of all devices, even when they have wrong IP settings
  • Display of all devices in a compact dynamic list
  • 30-day free trial with technical support

New features in version 2

  • Integration of Multiviewer
  • List of computers and direct access to computers (For PRIMA IP KVM switches running firmware version 13-09-19 or newer. Ask the upgrade to your resellers)


Over ten devices, managing a set of IP KVMs becomes tedious. Over 25, it is "Mission Impossible". Software upgrades are long and must be processed one by one. Configuration changes must be duplicated with the risk of errors. Finding the right URL and typing it to access the KVM management, and then having to pass through the login/password is boring, while saving it into the browser is insecure. Consulting all logs efficiently is quite impossible. Even launching the viewer to connect to the right KVM switch is quite uneasy.

Provided you are using PROKLE IP extenders, PRIMA IP, K5PRIMA4 IP KVM switches, or IP power controllers, PRIMA Center is the solution to this nightmare. It will supply you with a bunch of services that will bring a lot of help and flexibility. See the list of supported devices below.

With PRIMA Center, you will be able to:

  • See all accessible PROKLE, PRIMA IP and devices in a compact list that can be sorted by name, product model, IP addresses, etc
  • Upgrade in one operation all your IP devices located on your LAN or over the Internet
  • Launch the viewer on the right device, or open its HTTPS management with a single mouse click
  • Duplicate the configuration from one device to all other same-model equipments
  • Get all messages from all devices in a single log recorded in a file on the computer. This log can be exported to CVS format file. (Excel compatible)
  • Detect and modify the TCP/IP settings of devices even if they are not well set up for your LAN
  • Receive, sort, consult, and export all SNMP traps and Radius Accounting messages
  • Backup and restore the device settings
  • Reboot all or selected devices

IPCenter USB KeyPRIMA Center runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is delivered with a USB key enabling its usage with purchased user licenses.

We can provide free 30-day trial licenses for evaluation.

We sell user licenses for any number of devices with a step of 10 and starting from 10. You can start with a small amount of devices and add new licenses later, if your number of devices is getting larger. Your investment is never lost.

 Currently Supported Devices (Prosum/Uniclass):


We provide time-limited PRIMA Center licenses for evaluation. Please fill out the form an click "submit the Request" to get your free trial license limited to 30 days and 10 devices. You should receive it by email within 24 hours.

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One license allows you to have PRIMA Center installed on a single computer at a time. The number of devices that can be managed is defined into the user license.

Before you order PRIMA Center we recommend that you evaluate the free version and you read our Sales Terms and User License.

The extension is reserved to owners of PRIMA Center user license.

ProductOrdering Number
PRIMA Center User License allowing to manage N IP Devices (IP KVM Switche, IP Power Controllers, etc).PRIMA Center License for N devices
PRIMA Center License Extension for N additional IP DevicesPRIMA Center License Extension for N devices

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You can get help from the User's Guide.

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