OrangeFilter Content Filtering System

Content-filtering systems

Roughly speaking, there are two categories of content-filtering systems: those that analyze the contents at access times and those that refer to a pre-established classification.

The products of the first category (One speaks about semantic analyzers or Artificial Intelligence) search for keywords and keyword patterns belonging to certain sets. These products have some weaknesses:

  • It is difficult to locate all words and expressions of all languages and most often the analyzer classifies pretty well the sites using its native language and poorly the others. The analyzer is powerless on all sites not using the Western characters, like some Asian sites for example.
  • Some sites are compressed. They are perfectly displayed by browsers, but most of analyzers do not see anything.
  • When a page is requested, either the analysis relates to the complete site, leading to a rather relevant classification but the response time is very long, or only the required page is analyzed and the relevance is low.
  • Some pages does not include enough text, just images or text inside images. The image analysis is too long and too tricky to be made properly in real time.

OrangeFilter belongs to the second category. It refers to a huge centralized database. This database contains the classification of all sites that have been pre-analyzed. More than 120 million sites are analyzed per month. The list of classified sites is updated every 10 minutes.

The advantages of OrangeFilter with WOOWEB and WOOWEB-PRO

  • With only one ticket, WOOWEB and WOOWEB-PRO protect all of your networked computers, PC, MACs, etc.
  • When a site belongs to a prohibited category, all pages of the site are blocked. The response time to get a site category is very short. Navigation is not slowed down.
  • The relevance of the categorization is very high for the analysis of the text and especially of images is made in details without real-time constraint and over the complete site.
  • There is no complicate setup to carry out, just some mouse clicks to select the category.
  • It is possible to build black-filters as well as white-filters and to combine them.
  • WOOWEB and WOOWEB-PRO provide in addition a key-word filtering system that makes it possible to overstep the OrangeFilter classification of certain sites.
  • Different users or group of users can have different filtering policies.