Remote Power Control over Serial Interface

Serial PDU
  • Allows full control of eight AC power outlets using commands over a serial interface
  • Can be cascaded for power control of up to 128 devices
  • Display showing the bank number when in multiple cascaded application
  • Display showing the current loads ( 0.0 ~ 15A)
  • Green and red indicators showing the status of each outlet
  • "One-Touch" control by front-panel buttons
  • Management software for standalone usage
  • Metal casing, 19" rack industrial format
  • Perfect PROKLE and PRIMA IP companion

There are multiple applications of ioPower from simple remote lamp light up to remote reboot of hanged servers. iopower-net E
ioPower works seamlessly with PROKLE or PRIMA-IP. Devices and computers can be turned on and off with a simple mouse click and even automatically if the server monitoring functions are in service.

IoPower can be connected also directly to a computer or to the receiver part of a K5EXT300 extender (K5LC) for a 300m extension.

The software that comes with ioPower provides an intuitive user interface with virtual front-panel, power buttons and LED indicators. It displays the outlet loads and status. It permits to remotely control the device and to set up daily or weekly schedules and timings for automatic power control commands.




Front Panel

ioPower front panel

Back Panel

ioPower back panel

Hardware Specification

Input Voltage

100 ~ 240 VAC @ 50~60 Hz

Output Voltage

100 ~ 240 VAC @ 50~60 Hz

AC Outlets

Local control interface

RS-232 / DB-9

Cascade port

Cascade In – RJ-45

Cascade Out – RJ-45

Remote Control Interface

ioPower Management Software

PROKLE or PRIMA Power Control (as PROKLE accessory)

Current Overload Protection

15 amp max. overall
6 amp max. per port

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 70°C


0 to 90%, non-condensing

CertificationUL, FCC, CE

Dimensions (L x W x H)

410 x 165 x 44.5 mm

Weight3 Kg