USB/PS2 KVM Switches for Secure Remote Access over IP

prima ip16
  • Can control up to 128 computers when daisy-chained with Prima KVM switches
  • Can be managed with PRIMA Center
  • Win-32 viewer and Java viewer for cross-platform compatibility
  • Android viewer for access with tablets or smartphones: See Prima View
  • USB and PS/2 dual interface on PC side
  • One controller per port to keep mouse and keyboard alive even when the it is not powered on
  • Local selection of channel by front-panel buttons, keyboard hotkeys, OSD menu
  • Remote selection of channel from viewer interface by simple click on computer icon
  • HTTPS server for remote management through web access
  • Simultaneous access from multiple remote users, no remote user limitation
  • Fast mouse response time
  • High video quality up to 1600 x 1200 with automatic adjustment
  • Can drive a power module for remote power on/off support. See ioPower.
  • Works with low bandwidth connections
  • Ultra-security using full 1024-bit PKI authentication and 256-bit SSL encryption
  • High user management. Can work with local database and/or LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory servers
  • User profiles for limited access to computers
  • Monitoring of servers with generation of email or SNMP alarms in case of problem
  • Simultaneous access from Ethernet 10/100 and serial 1Mbps PPP (client or server)
  • Win-32 viewer and Java viewer for cross-platform compatibility
  • Plays the role of daisy-chain manager: upgrades automatically any Prima switch whose software is not the latest. Log all messages.
  • Metal casing, 19" rack format
  • One-year warranty and free technical support.

PRIMA IP-8 and PRIMA IP-16 are two IP KVM switches. They are the integration of a specific high-level conventional 19" KVM and an IP remote access module based on the same concept as PROKLE. However due to the integration, the functions provided by PRIMA IP outperform the coupling of PROKLE with any other conventional KVM.

PRIMA IP allows you to access your servers with total security and convenience. You can work or carry out maintenance operations from any location in the world over the Internet, or from any office of your company over your LAN. PRIMA IP does not need any specific cabling; it uses the existing network infrastructure.

PRIMA Center: All PRIMA IP KVM switches can be managed by PRIMA Center.

Compatibility: Perfect keyboard/mouse emulation provides high compatibility with machines and operating systems.

primaviewViewers: The access to remote computers is done from your PC using an ordinary web-browser and thin win32 or Java viewer software. All you need is to login the PRIMA IP and download the viewer program.

You can also access your computer with a tablet or smartphone using the Android viewer PrimaView primaview-logo s provided your KVM switch is running a recent firmware (december 2013 or later). Contact us if you are not sure.


Network Connections: Normally, PRIMA IP is connected to an Ethernet LAN accessing the Internet via a router. However, PRIMA IP provides a PPP server or client connection through its high-speed RS232 port. When set up as server, it can accept direct connections over a simple dial-in modem phone line, providing a backup system to access your servers while your network is down. When set up as client, it permits a redundant connection to the Internet via a modem.

Local Console: You can connect a local PS2 keyboard, mouse, and monitor to PRIMA IP. The local user sees the same screen as remote users, but the mouse is faster because there is no transmission delay. The local user can select the computer and can do a restricted set of configurations by using the local OSD function.

OSD: At the local console, in addition to keyboard hotkeys and front-panel buttons, Prima IP also provides OSD menus for intuitive KVM switching operations and for some basic settings such as IP address. The OSD menus displays the computer names that have been setup by using the web management interface.

Power Control: PRIMA IP can drive most of power supply units that are controlled through a local RS232 connection. The power-supply-unit login and control messages are totally configurable. Using a power supply unit makes it possible to remotely power off and power on the servers individually. See ioPower.

Monitoring and alarms: PRIMA IP can survey the servers automatically and detect several symptoms revealing a mal functioning machine. When a faulty server has been identified, and depending on the detected default, PROKLE can generate an alarm email describing the problem to several destinations. It can also send an SNMP trap to an SNMP manager.

256-bit encryptionSecurity: PRIMA IP distinguishes itself among its peer products not only in its stability in durable performance, but also in its industry-standard security features such as full 1024-bit PKI Authentication and 256-bit SSL data encryption. You can choose from among three security levels in combination with three types of password policies and three categories of user privileges. When the full PKI is in service, you must provide a set of certificates permitting a bidirectional authentication of the remote user by PRIMA IP and PRIMA IP by the remote user. These certificates can be managed internally in your company or bought from an official CA such as Verisign for example. The Prosum technical support can help you to manage and generate your certificates.

User authentication: PRIMA IP can get the user ID/Password and privilege by reading a locally managed database or by requests to LDAP / RADIUS / Active Directory servers if your company has already set up a centralized management of users.

User Groups: PRIMA IP permits to create user groups, each of which being a subset of computers. Each user is attached to a specific user group and can access only those computers that are within that group. User groups can be managed locally or can be provided by remote radius or LDAP servers.

Daisy-ChainDaisy Chain: PRIMA IP can be the master of a daisy chain of up to eight PRIMA KVM's, increasing the possible number of computers under local and remote control to 128. Remotely, any server in the daisy chain can be selected by a simple mouse click. 
PRIMA IP manages automatically the firmware of all PRIMA KVM's in the daisy chain, upgrading them to the last version when needed. It collects also all log messages that can be consulted remotely. 
The daisy-chain system, which is much better than the simple port cascade that most of competitor provide, permits to maintain exactly the same high video quality whatever how many devices are inter-connected.

Metal Enclosure: The PRIMA IP KVM switches are robust and durable. Their metal enclosure provides better shielding against electromagnetic interferences commonly seen in lab or factory environments.

Software Upgrade: The PRIMA IP software is stored in Flash memory and can be upgraded remotely via the web management interface.

Cable Assembly: Clean cable assemblies integrating VGA, PS/2 and USB attachments permit to connect the computers to the PRIMA computer ports. They are available in 1.2m, 3m, and 5m lengths.

Delivery: PRIMA IP KVM switches are delivered with all their accessories (power adapter, daisy-chain cable and rack mount kit).

Warranty and Technical Support: Prosum provides one year warranty and free technical support.

Main Processor

ARM Intel IXP425 at 533 MHZ

PC Port Controllers

One controller per port powered by the computer interface for USB/PS2 keyboard and mouse emulation.

Main Memory

32 MB

Main Flash

16 MB

VGA Capture and Compression

Hardware, special FPGA

PC Port Connectors

HDB15-pin Male + special cable assembly providing VGA, PS/2 and USB mouse and keyboard connectors.

Local Console Connectors

  • PS/2 Keyboard 6-pin Mini Din female
  • PS/2 Mouse 6 pin Mini Din female
  • VGA HDB 15-pin Female

Ethernet Interface

RJ-45 connector, 10/100 BASE-T connection with auto-sensing

Serial Console Port

RJ-12 connector / 115200 bps max - Used only for console management

Serial Control Port

RJ-12 / 1Mpbs high-speed serial for connection to external modem or power control device

Video Resolution over IP

1600 × 1200 @ 60HZ max


Win32 viewer / JAVA viewer / Android viewer


With any browser connected to the embedded web server via HTTPS secure connection


SSL, Encryption with 256-bit ephemeral keys
User/server authentication based on password and PKI certificates

Keyboard and Mouse Emulation

PS/2 and USB

Remote Power ON/OFF

By use of an optional power unit connected to the serial port

Power supply

External DC 9V 4A

Operation Temperature

0 to 50°C

Storage Temperature

-20 to 60°C


0 to 90%, non-condensing



Dimension (L x W x H)

410 x 165 x 44.5 mm (1U)


2000 g (8) 2150 g (16)

Safety / EMI Certification


PRIMA IP KVM switches come with the power adapter, the daisy-chain cable, the upgrade cable and the rack-mount accessories.

prima cableCable assemblies integrating VGA, PS/2 and USB attachments must be bought independently according to the distances to computers. These cables include the VGA, PS/2 and USB attachments. they are equipped with connectors that can plug to most popular computers.

  • KVM side : Only one HDB15-pin male connector for VGA, USB and PS/2 connections.
  • Computer side : HDB15 male blue VGA connector, MiniDin6 purple PS/2 keyboard connector, and USB type A connector.

To connect a computer using the USB interface, plug only the USB connector. The mouse and keyboard are combined by the KVM into a single composite device that needs only one USB interface. Do not plug the purple PS/2 connector.

To connect a computer providing only PS/2 interfaces, plug the purple connector into the keyboard input, and the USB connector into the mouse input by using the green adapter supplied with the cable.

These cables are available in 1.8m, 3m, and 5m lengths.





pdf User Manual

pdf Data Sheet

Get the Last Software Version

Software tool for finding and changing the IP address: Getipdev