Remote Power Control over IP SSL 


iopower provides 8 electrical outlets and a 10/100 Ethernet port for the connection to the local area or to the Internet. It permits you to take control of the power supply of remote electric devices, in total security, by using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

There are multiple applications of from simple remote-lamp light up, to remote reboot of hung servers. With ioPower, you do not need to move just to power cycle a device. You can do that with a mouse click. You can also schedule one-shot or periodic power cycles at specified dates and times.

Thanks to the SSL encryption and authentication, there is no risk that a middleman can turn off your servers in your place.

The electrical outlets can be given a name for easier management. You do not turn the port #7 of module #5 but the "corridor lighting" instead.

User profiling allows you to assign priority levels and outlet groups to some users. Users cannot toggle the sockets that are not theirs. can drive a chain of several simple ioPOWERs. By means of additional ioPOWERs, the total number of electrical outlets a single is able to control over IP, can be extended up to 64. All displays, status and commands apply to the chain as a whole. Everything looks like a bigger power control unit with higher number of power sockets. Even the firmware is managed by, so that you just proceed to simple upgrades. automatically upgrades the firmware of slave ioPOWER units as necessary. provides a Telnet server that understand a set of simple text commands. This may be useful for controlling it by program across your local network. As Telnet is not 100% secure, the Telnet server can be disabled by an option in the Web management.


administrationThe Web management is based on multi-level menus for all management, monitoring and command operations. You can set up sophisticated timers, user profiles, or simply toggle an electrical outlet with a mouse click.








Front Panel

ioPower front panel

Back Panel

ioPower back panel


Power Input

- Voltage: 100 ~ 240 VAC

- Frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz

- Maximum current: 15 A

- Inlet Receptacle : IEC 320 C14

Power Output: 8 x outlets

- Voltage100 ~ 240 VAC

- Frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz

- Maximum current per outlet: 6A

- Maximum overall current: 15A

- Outlet Receptacle for EU: IEC 320 C13

- Outlet Receptacle for US: NEMA 5-15R


- 10-100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)

- Authentication: password, Active Directory®, LDAP

- Security: passwords, certificates, 1024-bit RSA key, 256-bit AES encryption

- SNMP traps, emails

- Web browser HTTPS access

Cascade port

Cascade In – RJ-45

Cascade Out – RJ-45

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 70°C


0 to 90%, non-condensing

CertificationUL, FCC, CE

Dimensions (L x W x H)

410 x 165 x 44.5 mm

Weight3 Kg

pdf Data Sheet

pdf User Manual

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Software tool for finding and changing the IP address: Getipdev