Router Software for Internet Access
with High Connection Filtering
and Bandwidth Management

  • Replacement or improvement of a hardware router
  • Can run on any computer under Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Local or remote management with a modern web browser
  • Compatible with 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows versions
  • Configurable SPI firewall that secures your network
  • Management of user bandwidth and balancing of global workload
  • No limitation of users and machines
  • Support of most Internet connection types
  • Support up to 64 Internet ISP connections in parallel
  • Can route the Internet access to 4 LANs
  • Filtering and control of inbound connections to your local servers
  • High management and monitoring of users with detailed histories
  • Chart of the traffics of Internet connections and machines
  • Can authenticate users by use of a local ID/password or by connecting to an LDAP server
  • Site filtering based on powerful keyword system and/or content categories with the OrangeFilter option
  • 30-day free trial with free technical support

WOOWEB-PRO is a firewall and router software providing a solution at the corporate level for outbound and inbound Internet access. It transforms any computer into a powerful high-level multiple-port router with advanced filtering, tight management, and large log recording. It is the perfect solution to secure and control the Internet access of organizations such as companies, schools, barracks, hotels, public libraries, campsites, cybercafés, etc.wwpnet

WOOWEB-PRO features a web server. It can be configured and accessed locally or remotely by the use of any web browser via a simple HTTP connection, or via an SSL HTTPS connection for those that are concerned by security.

WOOWEB-PRO can manage thousands of machines and users, 4 LANs, and 64 Internet connections. The global bandwidth can be distributed evenly to all users, or shared out according to configurable per-user rules, guaranteeing a minimum or a maximum percentage of the global throughput. The firewall provides strong protection against Internet attacks. It can be configured and it gives information details about the intrusion attempts. There is no need for an extra networked firewall.

WOOWEB-PRO accepts incoming connections. However, the access to your servers is tightly controlled by the rules you build. These rules permit to forward the remote Internet users to the right servers and applications, at no risk for other computers. All accesses are recorded into log files.

WOOWEB-PRO runs on the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP operating systems. It supports the most popular Internet connection types such as routers, 3G keys, cable modems, wireless cards, ADSL modems, analog or ISDN modems. The computer does not need to be dedicated to WOOWEB-PRO usage.

WOOWEB-PRO lets you control and monitor local and remote users as well as Internet providers. There is no user limitation. WOOWEB-PRO can manage hundreds of users with distinctive rights.

Distinctive Rights: By setting up the list of users you can specify who has and who does not have access to the Internet. You can grant special rights to individuals or to groups. For example certain users can be forbidden from accessing certain services such as e-mail or surfing or can be allowed to access the Internet only during limited periods that can be set up on a day, week or month basis, or can be given a certain percentage of the global bandwidth.

Orange Filter CategoriesContent-Filtering: By configuring user's Internet rights you can prevent certain users from going to special locations or on the contrary you can confine them to specific sites. You can keep undesirable sites outside your Intranet by using the powerful filtering features based on character strings and/or content categories. The content filtering option is available by subscribing to the OrangeFilter service.

The access to the Internet for private usage is a real plague for companies. By forbidding the access to undesirable web sites you will improve your company productivity.

Logs: Internet activity events - locations and local machines reached, as well as connection times and durations - are recorded and can be displayed or printed. The history can be sorted by connections or by local or remote users. Connection times are cumulated per day and over a programmable period. A filter log shows the connection attempts that have been denied by filters. It also records the intrusion attempts from the Internet that have been rejected by the firewall. Histories can be saved in text or SQLite format files to be used as input for home made applications.

Traffic Charts: WOOWEB-PRO can plot grafs showing the volume of Internet traffic in the last 24 hours for each Internet connection and for each machine on your local network. These charts can be configured so that you can focus on suspect machines.

Traffic Graph

Internet Service Providers: You can also control and monitor the Internet connections.

You can download the commercial version of WOOWEB-PRO V6 and test it free during 30 days*. Beyond this period of evaluation you will have to buy a user license to keep on using WOOWEB-PRO V6.

The OrangeFilter option is available during the trial period. After 30 days you will have to buy a three-year OrangeFilter ticket from Prosum to enable this feature. Only one ticket is enough for your LAN.

Instructions to install WOOWEB-PRO V6:

  1. Download the installation file containing the latest version of WOOWEB-PRO V6.
  2. Click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions.
  3. By default, the user ID and password are: superuser / superu




Download WOOWEB-PRO V6 (5.0 MB)

* The 30-day trial version is the FULL product with a 30-day use limitation. By purchasing an activation code you will be able to use this product beyond the 30-day trial period.

It is illegal to use this software beyond the evaluation period without registering.

You can get help from the Help pages of WOOWEB-PRO V6.

User's Guide WOOWEB-PRO V6 user's guide

Datasheet WOOWEB-PRO V6 user's guide

If you experience difficulties contact the technical support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..